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Ambre Simone

I purchased Black Sea and omg when I tell you the smell is to die for!! It’s so soft, it doesn’t aggravate my nose/allergies. or children! It arrived faster than I expected, I’ll def be ordering again!!!

They say we have _Struck Gold_ with our


I am completely in love with their Peppermint & Eucalyptus wax melts, it makes my house smell like a relaxing spa and even lasts longer than wax melts I've purchased from other stores!

My 5 star rating also is because not only do their wax melts rock! but their customer service is incredible!

Ive gone _Wax Melt Crazy_. Join me. Its

Teri Brooks

I got several wax melts from Smok'd Out Candle Company, and they were fantastic! Great throw, great scents, excellent customer service, and affordable prices... What more can you ask for?