My decision to go hemp.

I must admit, its been a long time coming. Over the years many have asked, how did Smok'd Out Candle Company get its name....What does Smok'd Out Mean and what does it have to do with candles?

Well first of all, I stole the name from my husband stemming from his obsessive need to tag all his account with Smokdout4life.Whats yours is mine lover...I suppose his last name and a ring just wasn't enough. The truth is that I felt that I needed to choose a name for my business that had meaning lots of meaning. I couldn't just have passion, I needed every piece of this business to mean something to me and the people that I love the most. Smok'd Out Candle Company has more mixed meaning than I have time to explain.

The year I started making candles was the year following a most devastating wild fire season for the state of California (August 2018). It was the first year that the Oregon coast has become so Smokey that I honestly considered jumping into the ocean to escape the charcoal air even though I can not swim. In Seaside, we woke up to gray skies and thick smoky air. It was miserable and also heartbreaking to think we had not even received the brunt of it, my heart still goes out to California. I knew that Smok'd Out afterwards would be acceptable to most and others who knew the real meaning of "Smoked Out" might strike an interest just the same.

"smoked out" is a pothead term for when you smoke too much weed. It can also be used to describe the event of smoking week with a friend or acquaintance.

smoke out 1. Literally, to fill a space with smoke to force a person or animal out of hiding. 2. To expose someone or something and bring it to the attention of the public. 1. To force someone or something out of a place by or as if by the use of smoke: The groundskeeper smoked out the gopher.

"Smok'd Out" of all things hasn't seemed to have had a prominently significant meaning to my business through its history thus far YET the tides are slowly changing. Smok'd out has been smoked out by definition #2. Yes, I admit that I haven't made it clear from the start but as time has passed many have caught on to the Urban Dictionary idiom that details where my route has been headed and today, its headed for hemp.


Hemp Oil FAQ

Is it dangerous?

Neither Hemp nor Hemp Oil is dangerous.

Can it get me high?

No, it can not and will not. That's a guarantee! It will not make you feel high because it is not the same as marijuana or cannabis oil.

What is Hemp Oil?

Lets talk facts, Hemp plants and marijuana plants are both the same species. Legally, hemp is defined as a cannabis plant that contains 0.3 percent or less THC, while marijuana is a cannabis plant that contains THC in amounts greater than 0.3 percent.

What all is hemp used for?

Hemp has many uses. For me it is used for candle making (eventually soap making) but for many others hemp oil is used in cosmetics such as serums, masks, moisturizers, lotions and even soaps. It can also be found in everyday products from paper, to clothing, to soap and the hippy bracelets one can only find at the Fourth of July festival in the booth with the girl that doesn't brush her hair but smiles like all the time and squints real hard... Many food products also contain hemp such as hemp seed, hemp milk, hemp protein powder, or hemp oil.

Will it help your pain?

No unfortunately our candles wont do much (if anything) for pain. Hemp oil high in CBD has indeed been proven to reduce swelling, ease nausea, and aid with chronic pain yet that is not the oil that I use. Because each candle is made from natural soy wax infused with help oil the melted candle wax can be poured onto your body at your own risk (be careful its hot) and massaged into your skin. I can not guarantee it will have any healing or remedy type benefits other than making your skin nice and smooth.

Will it make my house smell like Weed?

Not unless you want it to, I can arrange that if you would like! The oil that I use is pure organic hemp oil so yes it has a scent yet the candle wont contain enough hemp oil for it to overpower the fragrance oil that gives the candle its scent.



Deciding to mix hemp & soy for my product line wasn't easy. It has been a long process of watching, reading and educating myself so that I made a sound and informed decision. I want to ensure that my decision is educated and I would never intentionally do anything to hurt my customers in any way. I agree with the many benefits of the cannabis plant for its medicinal purposes and still I am able to ensure that the oils infused in my candles still remain natural and non-toxic even if ingested by animals or children neither of which is recommended of course. Smok'd Out Candle Company has finally began the revealing of its true meaning. The tides are in!

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