Choosing scents that make your mood.

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

There are many reasons for a person to buy a candle yet none more important than buying for the way it makes you feel. Whether buying to gift, burn, or use to barter; candles are an item intended for self-care. Well, at least the ones we make here at Smok'd Out Candle Co.!



Consider your space

Candles pair great with lotions, bubbles, wine, or a good book & a bath. Nothing is better to relax with and escape the day than the aroma of a favorite candle in a cozy space. Remember, you can set the scene of any space aromatically!

Choose your candle purpose.

Let's be honest... scent selection is truly all about personal preference yet one of the easiest steps you can take when choosing a scent is to narrow down the scent's intended purpose. Just simply ask yourself: How do I want this candle or this scent to make me feel?

Did you know:

All scents can be placed into categories based on how they affect a person's mood and what properties they carry.

For example, Peppermint + Eucalyptus is a powerful yet calming scent that can also double as a mosquito repellant. Lavender & Jasmine are calming and Lemon promotes concentration.

Scents Notes

In addition, all fragrances or scents can be broken down and categorized by notes. These notes create the scent profile and consist of three categories: Top, Middle, and Base.

Top Notes have higher volatility (they evaporate faster) yet they are typically the first that you smell. Middle Notes, often referred to as "Heart Notes" are the balancing notes in a scent. Have you ever seemed to notice a candle's scent change? As top notes fade, middle notes can become clearer and more powerful. Base Notes are bottom notes that are longer-lasting. These notes give you a lingering impression of the overall candle scent. They are warmer, richer and the most powerful of notes.

Scents, Science and the Brain

Pick candles with notes that stimulate your brain. I recently read this article from which touches on how scents affect emotion and mood. It details that different scents evoke different brain stimuli in the part of the brain called the hippocampus. The hippocampus is associated with the process of feelings. A brain is a powerful place and as you may already know, the brain stores the many things that we see, smell, taste, and feel while simultaneously creating connections between it all. (Wow!) Mind-blowing isn't it.

"Our mental state is influenced and often dominated by olfactory experiences that guide our senses. Whether it is an apple that looks rotten or a rose that seems freshly watered, behind the scenes it’s our sense of smell that’s responsible for much of those sensations." -Scent and Emotion,

The full article is truly an interesting read that dips into the science between how we feel based on what we smell and why. Don't worry, it's not too brainy. It's actually a really good read.


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