Candle Care & Safety

Knowing how to properly care for your candle is important. Not only it is the best way to maximize your candle experience, but it's also how you really get the most bang for your buck! The process is simple, it doesn't take much to care for your candle simply follow the tips below, then wait and wifft.

Tip #1: Upon first light make sure that your wick is trimmed to under 1/2 inch at least. Although our candles come ready to light, some candles have fancy duel purpose wicks that are not pre-trimmed and serve as part of the candles decor. Ideally, you will want to make sure your wick is trimmed to 1/4 inch or between 6-8 millimeters before each re-light thereafter.

This picture was taken from, a great place to learn all about candle making. To make this candle check out the full tutorial at

Tip #2: After your initial lighting, let the candle burn until a full melt pool has formed and reaches all the sides of the container. This will allow the candle to keep a consistent and even melt pool, detouring the dreaded tunneling.

Tunneling is when the flame drops below the top level of wax leaving a ring of wax around the top closest to the container's edges which doesn't melt. Candle tunnelling can occur with any candle, regardless of wax, fragrance or container.

Tip #3: Keep away from drafts. A light breeze is always nice when it comes to sunny days and beachy weather yet for a candle even the lightest of breeze can cause rapid and uneven burning.

Tip #4: For safe burning; it's imperative that you never leave a burning candle unattended, near combustibles, or within reach of children or pets. Candles are beautiful, they smell wonderful and they add to the atmosphere of any space. Always use caution and your common sense. Anything with an open flame can be dangerous.

"Any candle can be a good candle but a truely great candle is the one that is cared for." -Emily Knutson


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