Absorbe Odor | Clarify | Brighten | Exfoliate | Unclog


Activated Charcoal has many benefits for the skin and body.

It can be used to absorb odors left on the skin, as well as dirt and debris within pores It is also known to clarify and brighten the skin's appearance.

Rose Clay

Purify |Refine | Balance Oil Production | Gently Exfoliate


Rose clay is a great general purpose medium weight clay that is used primarily for its lovely rose color,

Image by Mitchel Lensink

Kaolin Clay

Cleanse | Detox | Sooth | Exfoliate | Acne Fighter

Kaolin Clay is a gentle and soothing medium weight clay that helps to absorb oils left on the skin.

Its polishing texture helps exfoliate and detoxify pours.

Wreck in the Sea

Dead Sea Clay

Tone | Detoxify | Hydrate

Dead Sea Clay contains rich nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfate, aluminum, and iron which feed your skin with a high concentration of minerals that naturally tone, detoxify and exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize,